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I am 25, very successful got the career and income. I met my high school crush a few years ago, we got on and eventually we had a baby. My son is 18months. In the past year or so my partner has said mean comments (e. g I will ask about more children in the future and his response would be "im not having no more kids til I find someone worthy enough" OR "you can move out and me and (our son) will live here without you) when I pull him up on this he will say he was joking. In the past I had caught him messaging other girls and was destroyed, now the thought does not faze me as if I catch him again im quite confident he will be out the door with my foot up his arse. I know I nag but I dont think its fair when I work 12hour nightshifts, return home to immediately look after our son, tidy the house, pay for the house and the car he drives round in is mine and he works an 8hour day, pays very little to me and thinks he's gods gift; I feel I deserve some respect. what should I do?


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  • He obviously means more you than you mean to him, sadly. I think the romance you had was only temporary and is now gone. I think only your child is the reason this relationship is holding together. Doesn't sound like a very good one, he sounds like a loser and he needs to go.

    • Think I maybe in agreement with you. x

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  • Get rid of him. You do not need that kind of negativity in your life. You are WAY more awesome than that. Do you want your son growing up and thinking that's an acceptable way to treat women? You pay for the house. You pay for the car. He can just move right along without you.

    If he wants to be a jerk about your son, he can think again. You can take him to court and at very worst you'll get 50/50 custody. There are a lot of options in this situation for you and I think you can make the very most of them :)


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  • Leave and find someone who appreciates you. Maybe when he is single and paying child support, he will get the message.

  • The reverse of this relationship is common, at least the financial side of it


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  • A relationship cannot be fought for... if you're fighting for it all alone.
    He has to try to make things work.
    What exactly are you asking of him?
    To cheap in more (financially), to appreciate you more? (pay more attention to you), and to not be deceitful (message other women)?
    YOU shouldn't be asking these things of him.
    As a man and a father, this is his responsibility he should automatically be doing those things.
    I think you need to sit down and have a serious talk with him.
    If he's not at least making an effort to improve then you have no choice but to get rid of him.
    If you do not... then your relationship will continue to fall a part.


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