Why did he just decied to end our relationship?

I have been with my boyfriend for almost three years and we recently got into an argument. We didn't resolve the argument and he decided to end our relationship. I tried contacting him but he refuses to respond. I don't understand why he would get upset and just end our relationship without trying to fix things. Thanks in advance for your input.

I appreciate all your feedback. We had a disagreement how he thought I was unappreciative of things he had done for me and among other things that bothered him. But for the most part, we were happy together.


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  • It would help to know what the argument was about. It could be a number of things. Either he got really scared. Or this was his ticket out. Or he just needs to step away for a bit.

    It's critical to give him space right now. If he comes back (mine came back in a week), talk things through, and come up with a resolution. The one mistake I made was when it came to the talk, I decided to make changes for him but didn't stand firm that he should make changes for me as well. In short, I didn't hold to my concerns, needs, etc. and that's probably why he left again months later. That's a long story.

    So don't push him or anything. If he knows you're sorry for your part of the argument, he probably just needs to step away for a bit. During this time, think of things you want to address concerning the argument. At the same time, there's also the chance that this was his ticket out and he's gone for good.


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  • well dear I hate to tell you I did that when I found someone new I know its a dog thing to do and most men are pussys and can't talk to woman, so its not you , you are really better off.

    So keep your head up and say f*** him his loss, and don't f*** up mand take him back , not without getting him tested first, and relly don't kiss him , I am so glad I grew up.

  • It's over when it's over. It looks like he had disengaged from the relationship long before the argument.

    Don't push a rope. Best to move on.



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  • What was the argument about...and if he refuses to respond to you just leave it alone and let him cool off for a little maybe that's all he needs and if he comes back around in like 2 weeks or less that's all he needed was to breath but if it goes to a month and he still isn't talking to you maybe he is just done with the relationship good luck, but the key is to be patient and wait for him to cool off don't nag him to talk to you.

  • How recently? I did the same thing to my...I got in a dumb argument with my boyfriend last January, told him I was done...And it took me a WEEK to go tell him I was sorry and an ass.

    By then I believe the damage was done. 6 months later he broke things off with me. I think I broke his heart.

    After that argument had fallen for him harder than I ever in the 5 years we were together. I realized then that I truly loved him, and did not want to lose him...now he is gone and I can't get him back.

    I just suggest that if he comes back and you want it to work. Be forgiving, don't hold it against him...It could easily have been stress unrelated to the relationship, just built up and the argument made things worse, and it seemed like the only thing to do at the moment.


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