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I loved this girl more than anything and even tho I was having issues with my life she made me feel great and I told her I was going to marry her some day. We were only 3 months in but spent all our time together. I was her first love and this made her really freak out and act like she didn't want to have anything to do with me anymore. Which caused me to have anxiety really bad for months after. Its been 7 months and its still all I think about and I finally was able to write something to send to her and my intent was to try and become friends but I dont know if I can since it has taken me this long to even write something. Im more of a woman when it comes to this type of thing and really don't want to lose contact forever.
  • Tell her I can't even forgive myself for what I did and move on.
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  • Try and become friends again
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docs. google. com/document/d/1WWJ0yARPh5E6RjDaqyUSTQ9_o2fI-GP0JcfdrxeM7aU/edit? usp=sharing

If anyone cares to see how i'm doing and find out what happened here is what I have so far.


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  • You might not want to hear this, and I'm sure she is very sweet. However when I start obessing over someone it is normally a cue for me to take a step back and refocus on other things. It is so much easier to love and be loved when you love yourself and do not let a girl (or guy) dicate all your feelings and to stay strong.


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  • First let me congratulate you on being the first fellow on here that has admitted he has some "woman" qualities. Bravo! Every good man has some woman in him, and vice versa.

    Now, what exactly went wrong in your relationship? Somehow I missed that.

    • girlsaskguys. com/break-up-divorce/q1553252-can-anyone-give-me-any-suggestions

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  • Than please tell her how you feel. Don't lose touch forever because you think as the time goes on things get easier, they don't. Don't silence it. Nothing hurts more than having to hold everything inside. I hope that love finds a way for you.

  • become friends.


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  • better start by being friends again firstly


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