Why won't he respond?

My boyfriend an I broke up about a fornight ago. Last weekend I ask if we could give each other our stuff back and he agreed saying he'd come over that weekend. He never came. He then called and text me twice through the week with how lonely and sad he was about the breakup, no mention of returning items. The last time I heard from him He sent a message saying how upset he was and I tried to call him. He ignored he call. A few days later I sent a message saying if he didn't come with my things, I d be over on the weekend (he preferred me not to come over as he has housemates where I don't, seemed easier that way). But he has ignored the message.

I get he doesn't want this to end, but why is he ignoring me? I'm getting annoyed because I'm not asking for much, he has things of value at my place too. Why is he doing this?


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  • He's ignoring you as long as he can so hopefully you'll change your mind and take him back


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  • he's playing hard to get.


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