Should I just forget about him?

Mind you i love this guy. I would want to wait if it's going be worth it in the end. I just don't know what to do or think. This is so confusing :(

Read and let me know what to do or think please?


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  • I take it as maybe in the future. Ask him

    • He'll just say he doesn't know like everything else so that gets me nowhere, that's why I ask

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    • It's very mean. Unfortunately only time will tell if he gets back together. I'd go on with my life without him and if you meet someone else great, he had his chance. Him keeping you in this holding pattern is a game I wouldn't play. You're dancing to his tune. He either wants you or he doesn't.

    • Right but see I keep thinking if I meet someone he might move on then I could of lost something great because of his stupidity and pride. I am going on with my life though, going on dates and such but I always think of him and I know there has to be more of a reason than my feelings, I think?

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  • I think I've seen you post about this before, but pertaining to a wedding. Honestly, I wonder if you really want advice? Or do you want someone to tell you what you want to hear, which is to keep fighting for him? And I mean that in the kindest way bc it's obvious that you're hurting. Honestly, it doesn't matter what advice anyone gives you if you keep trying to find a reason to stick around. If he's not ready, then he's just not. So please, don't try to decipher his actions any further, bc they are clearer than you think. Let him go. If he really wants a future with you, he will come back. But you'll never know if you keep pushing this. I truly wish you all the best, and I hope you find some peace of mind.

    • We'll it's better to get a wide range of opinions and moat people do say he has feelings for me but thank you

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  • he's not ready for that commitment yet. I wouldn't wait get on with your life.

    • But I love him. We DateD For 2 And A Half Years

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    • We'll I Feel Like I Love Him BUT THAT Doesn't Help Me AND You Don't Think He Just Wants To Be Friends Seeing THAT He Didn't Contact Me IN Awhile Eighter so you?

    • Do you*?

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