Would you cut his sorry ass off too?

I was involved with this guy for years off and on but not in a relationship just friends with benefits. so moved to another state the same state he's in but not to be closer to him. so anyway I just started working which was hard to find work but I did it and I pay my bills with my unemployment checks which will run out soon. I told him that I had no food and supposedly he was sick but then 2 days later he thinks we can hangout like we're cool well I cut him the fuck off. it's sad that an older lady whose my neighbor had to buy me food to last which I am going to pay her back and if it wasn't for her I'd be starving for 3 days because of him.


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  • Of course I would.
    He clearly doesn't give a shit


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  • You started out as friends with benefits and now he's supposed to take care of you? And you 'cut him off'? Trading sex for money is prostitution. Quit being a hooker. Quit taking advantage of the elderly. Quit living off the public tit.

    Get a better job.

    • I'm not expecting him to take care of me this was one time that I needed him to be here this has nothing to do with whatever the fuck you're thinking

    • What the fuck I was thinking is you said you'd be starving three days because of him. Get a job NOW before unemployment runs out and feed your own ass.

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  • With you both having been "Just friends with benefits" many moons ago here, dear, when the chips are down, you truly found out what sort of friend you were really sleeping with and now he is what I call A... Fair weather friend.
    Put him Now on your pay no mind shopping list. He's a loser who got what he got from you and even if you were starving to death, outside his door, the only thing he would toss to you would be a bone and a blanket.
    Food for thought: Move on. The only 'Food' he ever wanted you to have on his part was in between the sheets and when it was convenient to give it to you so he could satisfy his own appetite.
    Good luck. xx


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