How to let her know how I feel?

I really like this girl and she gave me her number and aim and everything and I want to tell her everything that I feel about her and I want her feedback.I've been too shy to talk or call her, and I think she might be frustrated with me and disappointed in me. I want to settle things once and fall and want to know her feelings about me.( I texted but I don't think it went through thou)How can I go about doing this?


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  • Answer-i am no expert but I have been dating for years! You just have to remember telling her you like her will not kill you. Grab your balls and remember you are a man. CALL HER, do not text her! No one is going to give you better advice than that.

  • call her and be like hey I really like you and I was wondering if you wanna see that new movie


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