My crush is interested in another guy, we're seeing eachother next week, How can I deal with these feelings of jealosy?

So I've been friends with my crush about a year, we met when she was already dating a guy but broke up about six months ago, I got interested in her about a month back, I started to make a move and things got strong, but eventually fizzled because of timing, I had to go through exams and she was having a hard time coping with one of her family members going into hospital and her own exams.

Then at the middle of last month she met a guy online, he lives 145 miles away but in a town she's thinking of going University to, in the start of this month they were talking closely, they mostly were talking over text or twitter publicly, as you can imagine they've got closer and closer to the point now they're openly flirting and skyping, something which we used to do.

So anyway, quick and simple, ways to get over jealosy?


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  • The reality of it is this, would you want to date someone un-sure of their attraction to you anyways? She knows who you are, what you bring to the table and if she's on the fence a little, would you want to date that?

    You want someone who recognizes your qualities and what you offer. Someone learning to love you is going to leave you how you feel today, undesired and unappreciated.

    You've got to know to let her go, she's a friend and if that doesn't work well then... well that's female --> male relationship which this stuff happens.

  • I can understand you are feeling jealous, and jealousy is a human emotion, it's very difficult to completely get rid of jealousy but yes there are many ways to handle your feelings of jealousy. I want to ask you is she purposely trying to make you jealous or something? Just asking.

    Anyways I am going to assume she isn't doing it purposely, so that would mean you are getting bothered because you like her, and that's understable but you know you just have to handle it, don't think about her behaviour, don't concentrate on her, wait, don't talk to her, let her come to you if she cares and initiate and then you can talk.


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