How to get over a married guy?

After falling in love with this guy for 9 months I found out he was married for almost two years and has a son.. it really hurt me.. i ask him what was he gonna do and he didn't say anything.. i wasn't going to stay with him unless he left his wife.. he didn't he left me.. now I'm heartbroken and devastated because 9 months I put my all into the relationship and I fell in love and now its over.. what can I do because the moment always replays in my mind


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  • What you aren't even 18 yet, why do even want to be with a married man, if you want mature guys go for guys who are in their 20's or late 20's but are single. Was your love one sided or you both loved each other, I am asking because your post doesn't mention it accurately. Okay even if you both loved each other, so in that case he didn't say anything because right now he may be unable to make up his mind, but I think it's highly unlikely that he'll leave his wife to be with you.

    • I'm 17 and the guy is 19 actually.. i didn't know he was married until after 9 months and the relationship wasn't one sided.. when I found out it just ended and I know he's not gonna leave his wife.. my question was how to get over him.. after 9 months that was a lot and he told me that he wanted to marry me and all kinds of things

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  • Take this time, and make sure he doesn't come around any more at your door to stir up any more toil and trouble. Take this time, for time does heal all wounds, to lick your war wounds and do some serious soul searching.
    It's hard when you learn that someone you have fallen in love with has a wife and baggage. many times, he never leaves them and you end up being the one who was just the side dish he thought he could have his sweet cake and it two with.
    There's no button you can press to make the hurt go away. And no button as well to make those '9 months' and thank God no more counting, to go away but eventually Will... Fade away in time.
    I'm so sorry for your pain. When you feel better, begin your beguine slowly and make sure you can prove this next time Around... Who he really is.
    Good luck. xx


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  • You only found out he's married after 9 months?
    You're under 18 and you consider married men fair game?
    Try one all those incels of your own age.

    • He's actually 19 and I'm 17

  • Date another guy you could tell his wife, because he hurt you an eye for an eye. She sort of deserves to know

  • I know what you're going though. I fell in love with my boss, he was great untill I found out he was married. I never thought to ask and I was left heart broken when I realized I had no chance, yet I was in love. It takes time hun,

  • I do hope you called his wife... if not you should. She deserves to know.


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  • Don't contact him
    Keep yourself busy
    Focus on studies as it helps

    And how old was he?

  • You should be angry not sad. Think about the kind of man you fell for? A deceptive, cheating douche.
    Did you not know he was married? There must have been some signs.
    Make sure he not spoken for next time

    • I was angry at first but now its sadness cause I didn't expect that to happen

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    • Not at first.. i found out he was 9 months into the relationship

    • I am going to give you a pass this one time due to your age and maturity or lack there of. A repeat mistake is 100% on you
      My initial opinion still stands

  • Married guys just want sex bottom line. They want sex from a woman who is different from their wife. You will learn this in time.


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