How to respond to my ex?

He dumped me 3 months ago and for about 2 months I was this pathetic little puppy that tried to get him back, until I realized I don´t want that loser anywhere near me. Been doing great since then. But now he sent me a text asking what I´m doing. Let´s be clear - I don´t want him back anymore and I don´t want to be in contact, I am literaly discusted by him and I almost hate him. But I have a feeling he thinks I still love him and that I´m miserable, so I want him to know how I feel about him. Should I respond him with like "suck a dick" or something insulting like that, or ignore him? What´s gonna make him the most lame? :D


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  • Just forget him. Who is stronger, the man who bickers with his tormentor? Or the man who thinks so little of his tormentor that he doesn't even notice him?
    Move on and let him be dust beneath your shoes.

    • so your opinion is to ignore him?

    • more than that. Don't even let him be a factor in your day. Delete his numbers and contact info. Wash your hands of him. Realize that you are so, so much better than him that he doesn't even warrant a thought.

    • If you see him and he talks to you, be polite, non emotional. Act like you never were angry, never cared at all. And try not to. "whatever" should be your primary thought.

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  • LOL. Suck a dick.

    No. I would respond with "I'm doing much better now that I've realized that I'm so much better without you in my life. Thank you for helping me with this. Good bye."


    • haha good one thanks :D

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  • Ignore him. He isn't worth your time, energy of effort. You can always downloaded a text/call blocking app and block his number so you don't even have to communicate with him.

  • You can't...


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