Trying to get back with my x can anyone help?

I broke up with my girlfriend cuz she couldn't spend anytime with me she was too busy with work, school, and family we only hang put 3 times a month and she always hours late and had to leave early it has now been few months and now she out school I don't know what to do cuz i love this girl so much and I want to be with here again but she just want be friends now how do I get her back? We been dating 2 years and she wasn't like this we use to hang out all the time we did had few up and downs but I want to work this out She told me Maybe in the future we get back together but I'm scared to lose her and I've been getting her gift to her though her mail and I want to see her but she on school trip for few weeks and she only come home to see her family can anyone help me?


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  • text her and be nice.

    • I am I'm trying she text me back a little too but I'm scared to lose her but I don't want be pushy

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