Polite why to break up via text?

I feel as though my relationship is going no where so I want to find a nice way to tell him I can't do it anymore without sounding like horrible person.

Note: The reason I don't want to do via text is because they rarely come around actually tell them in person.


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  • ... Actually tell them in person.
    I like your style here, dear. Face to face, heart to heart, and the Honest John truth of Why... I can't do it anymore.
    Explain to him the real reasons Why it isn't working for you and him and then ask him if you both just can't be friends?
    This sounds like more like the light touch and... No, not like you are a monster either.
    Good luck. xx

    • What if I don't see them in person because they really come around and they seem to come up with an excuse every time you try to see them. Which is why I really want to break up because its a waste of my time to try to make time for someone who doesn't do the same?

    • Oh, okay, I see now... well, then, text or email. xx

    • Thank you, Ms. Pink, for your own Vote of Confidence in me. xx

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  • Don't. It's rude to handle that kind of thing over text, no matter how gently you word it.


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