GUYS: Why do you think my ex came back?

Ok so it has been almost 2 months. Out of the blue today, my ex texted me that he found me again on the dating site and even clicked the "I'm interested" on my dating profile. A couple minutes later, he added me on Facebook and striked a conversation.

He started asking me random things, his tone is very upbeat and happly. He asked questions like like what is my plan for the summer, and even kinda mention that he is "single" by saying it subtely" when he said well it's lame to go on the beach by yourself lol."

Anyway, I'm confused. Does he just wanna be friends or he wants to be more?


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  • guess more than a friends then... he mentioned he's single basically, coz maybe he was x-pectin some answer like "ah me 2" from u...

    • LOL omg I didn't think of that.

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