Missing someone who ghosted me?

Last August, the guy I was seeing for 4 months stopped texting or calling. A couple months later I tried contacting him only with very bland responses. Now since its summer again and I have a very high chance of running into him since he has a shore house by where I live and we go to the same bars. I can't stop thinking about him I get this sick feeling in my stomach because I miss him a lot and I never had closure. I keep thinking about what I will say or do if and when we bump into each other.

I am an even thinking about texting him but acting like I meant to text this person who has the same name as him. I need to find my closure or have that one last run in or contact with him.


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  • Don't do the accidental text no one ever buys that and it reeks of crazy, not saying your crazy, buuuut since we're on the word crazy, let's be perfectly clear, he's going to try to make you out to be crazy.
    First things first, call him actually call him, force the conversation, cuz the last thing you want to do is confront him while drunk at the bar cuz that can lead to a thousand different mistakes.
    Whatever you do, don't forget what he did to you, he's not worth your time, and you need to keep him out of your life once you get that closure.


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