Will he come back to us?

don't know where to start. Iv got a 15mth old and 11week old to my ex who walked out on me when I was 3 month pregnant. we would have minor arguments during pregnancy and he would walk out but and I would say don't come back (not meaning it) one day we had a row and he said he was going and left me when I was 3 months pregnant.He returned when baby was born and we both agreed we would work through things. he came one day to see us and he asked how I was and I said I was fine but tired as the baby he kept me up most of night he said I was manipulating him and stood up and walked out again. he has since changed his number and he hasn't been in touch about children. I miss him so much and so do his children does he miss us too? do you think he may come back to us?


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  • How old is this guy? I am sure he misses you and the children. I am sure he will return but it seems like he will do that when he is good and ready. It doesn't seem like he is open to communication or doesn't want to be bothered. That is concerning to me personally. He chose to be a father and to work out your relationship. He has to realize that those children did not ask to be born so they're the victims in this, as are you. I hope that he does some reflecting to come to this realization but somehow I don't think he will.

    Best of luck.

    • He is 34 but a lot of his friends are single maybe that's the life he wants. :(

    • I am so sorry but your are correct. He doesn't want to give up his independence or be responsible for the children. It is inhibiting him and his "lifestyle."

      I don't agree with that.....he is missing out on those children. They will grow quickly and are blessings.

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  • He's not coming back. It's easy for the man to just walk out and not worry about the kids. It could be a good chance that he'll end up starting a family with some other woman and forget all about you. I don't know if you're from the states or the UK, but if he's not going to come back to you, then he needs to pay child support. Make him take care of his responsabilities one way or another. I am sorry for you. I know it's not going to be easy and you're going to have to be both mom and dad to your kids. This is your reality sadly so you have to make the best of it. You have your kids. I'm sure they are beautiful and healthy. Focus on taking care of them, and let the law take care of their father.


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  • I'm sorry. He doesn't want the "responsibility". Simply put he doesn't want to grow up and be a MAN. This is what is wrong with our world!

    • I agree totally the world has gone mad people don't want to work through things any more like they used to its all too easy to runaway and hide for a man.

    • Yep and it's really very sad the shape of our world and families these days.

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