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I wrote these poems to help me coop with thing in my life if you would please take a sec to read the and let me know what you think I would really appreciate it... what do you like what don't you like these are only a few from my collection if you'd like to see more message me thanks...

What is Love

Love is a lie

Bestowed upon man

To lift him above the heavens put him on top of the world

Then tear his foundation from the core

And rip him painfully to the ground

Leaving him to suffer the mental and physical pain


The Little Things

Life sucks and then you die

I believe this to be a lie

For life is what you make it

When you get opportunities you got to take it

For if you don’t

You shall be left with a sense of……

What if….

What if I held her hand at the park?

Would we still be together today?

Sometimes I wonder if it’s the little things that drive us all away


She was a devil below

Disguised as a angel from above

Allures you in with her enchanting beauty

Only to reveal the succubus within her soul

To rip your world limb from limb

Until everything falls and nothing is left standing

Leaving you to grovel before the coming of a honest true spirit

One can only hope…

When Your Heart Breaks

When your heart breaks

Can you hear the sound it makes

The crack within your soul

And the hole within your heart

The snapping of the ventricles

And tearing of the valves

The split second where all seems to crash down

Where a lovers passion turns into a assassins art

What was once a blessing is now falling apart

The presence of love is no longer

All that remains is torment and pain of a heart that once was


As I tread the path ever so black

Malignant spirits dwell upon my every move

For the impure step amongst them all

To snatch all that is good right out from under

Leaving my over bearing corpse to rot

To pass out of sight gradually

Left to bleed out

Evaporate, vanish, to fade away

Condemned to a world so black

Love effect

Love then lost but never found

My heart breaks upon the ground

Love is lost but not forgotten

Loves effect has turned me rotten

The pain I feel will never fade

From you my heart will never stray

For in this time, among this hour

I still see you as my precious flower


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