Why does he do this?

My ex and I didn't have a messy or angry breakup. He more or less just ran when it got serious. But, now he acts as though he can't even speak to me. He has other exes that he is friends with, so it's obvious he can be around girls he has dated. We've been broken up a little over 3 months, and he dated a girl after me, it lasted less than a month. They are still friends. He has no reason to be angry at me. I don't get it. I respected his wishes from day one, it's not like I'm bothering him.


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  • It's a tough one, I've been in the same situation as you..
    Thinking purely it's awkwardness, I try not to over think it..
    Also maybe he is just unsure/confused what your reaction will be and does not want to expose himself to the possibility of looking like a fool

  • that's really weird... by yer description i'd assume he's a guy who's just usin a gal, and throws her away. after he got wot he wanted... and don't care bout her wherebouts after dat... :|

    • But, why then, is he able to be friends with a girl he was with for less than a month? She sounds like she was far more " disposable". We were together almost a year.

    • Dunno... do u believe u did anything dat pissed him off?

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