Would You Break Up With Someone Who's Too 'Decent'?

2 girls I know have broken up with their boyfriends because they were too 'decent'; meaning that they didn't really make out or do any of the stuff that couples do in their honeymoon stage. I thought that girls were the ones that thought it shouldn't be all physical, and all that. I mean, it shouldn't be ALL about the physical stuff...

Would you guys (guys and girls) break up with someone because of that? I mean I can understand, but what if the guys were just trying to show to the girls that they wanted an actual relationship and didn't want it to be ALL about the physical stuff? Or is it actually ALL about the physical stuff for you?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Unless the guy has everything else I want in a boyfriend I most likely wouldn't go out with him if he didn't make out with me at least a little. I don't want it to be mostly physical nor go as far as I used to but I still really want the kissing with the hugging and cuddling.


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What Guys Said 3

  • My ex broke up with me because I was too affectionate, too caring, too loving, always wanted to be with her, take her places.. the honeymoon phase ended and she bounced.

    • That's called smothering and acting needy. Next time calibrate your affection to hers, or only date girls who match the type of affection you like to give.

    • Thank you relationship expert. I'll make a mental note.

  • did they even talk to their bfs about it? or they just broke up? I can understand them wanting more physical stuff from the relationship but if they're not willing to say anything to their partner about it, that can end up being a problem in the future when there's something else wrong in their new relationship and they just try to end it rather than working it out

    • They just ended it. One of them broke up with him over the phone and started dating one of his friends, the other ended it too and didn't talk to him about it, but she did it in person.

    • Sounds pretty immature to me

      there's no reason not to try and fix the problem unless you were never really happy in the first place and don't care at all

    • I guess. The girls weren't all about comminication.

  • Quite honestly I'm not sure what the poll is asking because you asked 3 or 4 questions.

    • Basically I'm asking if you would just break up with someone for being too 'decent'.

What Girls Said 4

  • if my boyfriend "didn't really [want to] make out or do any of the stuff that couples do in their honeymoon stage"... what's the point in having a bf? I may as well just have close friends...

  • What exactly do you mean by "decent"? If he's not going to act like he's attracted to me at all, then yes, I'm going to leave. He needs to act like more than my best friend. (although he'll need to be that, too)

  • honestly I wouldn't go out with them...saves me the trouble.

    Im in a situation where the guy is "decent" as you say...

    yea, I dig respect, but he's not wooing me.

    all I get are "what you doing" "miss you" "hey."

    and when we're together I feel like I'm with a guy friend.

    I told him I liked him and tried getting closer to him...nothing.

    i even straight out told him he could kiss me !

    ugh. maybe he's shy or whatever the reason is.

  • No but then again I was always the one dumped for that reason! I show my attraction but I am not willing to do everything so soon


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