Why did he end it so quickly?

I was in a relationship with a man for three months. He ended it with me the day before I left for an eight week trip. Prior to leaving for my trip, I gave him a ring of mine to hold onto as a way for him to know that I was coming back to him because he would have to give it back to me. He loved it and said that he would wear it every day. He wore it for two days and then the day before I left he said that the ring offended him and he wasn't going to wear it and he didn't want to have any contact any more. He blocked me from social media so there is no way for me to contact him. I am so confused as to why he changed his thoughts about me so quickly. Any thoughts as to what happened?
He even told me that he did not want me to leave. That is why I gave him the ring.


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  • Sounds like an ass... Maybe he thought you were too serious about the relationship? Like maybe he viewed you giving him the ring as a sign of marriage. I honestly have no idea why anyone would do something like that tho. It's sounds painful to the heart.


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  • That's just nuts. I would say he's likely to be bi-polar, swinging wildly from one happy extreme, to the polar opposite day to day. No other explanation makes sense.

  • To be honest I won't speculate too much. It sounds like things moved to quickly. It may be interpreted as desperate. Guys are quite symbolic sometimes and the ring might have given him a fright. Honestly 3 months is too quick to make gestures like that. But then again he might not be too honest about other things in his life. It is a sweet gesture though sounds like you really liked the guy. Move on if he comes back let him pursue you if he doesn't there is tons of fish in the sea.


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