I broke up with my gf?

I was 18 when we broke up its been 4 years we have had no contact she came over the house with her mom but I pretended to be asleep my hair was messed up and I didn't want to see her anyways. So it's been 4 years now she has a boyfriend which I don't give a f@@@ about her mom and my mom are friends and my mom keeps throwing hints at me and getting upset at me for not being with her she says stuff like she's happy with her new boyfriend now n it pisses me off the reason it didn't work out cuz she acting like my mother which is not cool. I don't have social media bc of the drama I deactivated my account and within a day are two had her mom as a sugestive friend I don't no for sure but suggestive friends usual are people who stalk your profile. Also I feel guilty for the break up and all her old friends treat me like filling shit give me dirty looks talk in a weird way to me even my own mom does it. Sorry for long read just venting kinda of inhebreated.


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  • It's alright man, Just fuck her, negativity in your life will come time to time.


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  • Don't worry; she doesn't want you back or anything

    • Lol I don't know about that

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