Does "need time to think" mean a break up?

Me and my boyfriend have been together just over 2 years and have only ever had 2 other real arguments, but got over them fine. We've had no problems for ages, but the other night we were both out and I had drunk far too much, got jealous then blanked him for a while, then we fell out. The next day I got 1 message saying it made him feel like he had to think about stuff. He then said again the next day when I text him that the argument was "horrible" and he needs a few days to think about things and then we'll talk. Is this a break up, or is he just trying to 'pay me' back, or is this honestly for the best to save the relationship? I feel like if I honestly wanted to end things and wasn't doing this for attention, then he would've done it already, as this happened 3 days ago now.


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  • yep. yep it does.


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  • It doesn't have to be. I know people who use the 'break' as a time for self-discovery and realize that they really love that person. Sometimes it means that it's over, but it really depends on the circumstances. It's like a test. If it's meant to be than its meant to be. I'd say, work on yourself, have fun and try not to think about it. They always come back around when you're preoccupied with other things and when you least expect it 😊.


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  • Lol that classic line hey.. Just rest until you talk to him, you don't know for sure. He may just need a bit of space and that's it.


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