Was she seeing someone else or was she really torn?

Could only see her like twice a month. She was crazy about mem I've hurt her in the last she used this name joseph to get me jealous in the befinning when started talking again. I never showed her that I was crazy about me nor did she with the exception of random outburst. Anyways her parents hated me her friends hated me her whole circle did. She always fought for me though. They said I was just using her and she was too stupid to see it. So we had plans to move out and she was dropping ever talking to her mom again and her free college ride.. moving to a new city with me in the startup of my new career. She became distant indifferent towards me and said I really hurtful things when I was mad. Said I never show her anything at all. This went on befire but not to this extreme to the last two months. She almost sounded annoyed one time when I was messaging her and she would nudge me off saying I'll talk to you later. Sex got dull. She ended it we talked about things and she was distant sounded like another pwrson. Broke up and she called me back next day crying asking for me back saying I was lying. Hysterically crying. Saying let's make it work. Led to more fights and then she ended it for good. That night I asked if there was someone else she responded fuck you.. no hesitiation. I thought she was cheating before because of the distance and she said I would never betray you. She also mentioned this other guys name a couple times but j noticed it was when she only felt like she wasn't loved or it was just obvious she wanted me to ask who he was. We talked about a lot of things during the breakup conversation she said we both deserve better than this situation can see other people etc .. she said she would only do this if she was going to spend the rest of her life with this person. I told her I'm not willi ng to do that right now asked her if she wanted that comittment she said no. I don't know what she meant when she said I was lying. Could of been everything.. could of


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  • You two clearly aren't meant to be. Best to just forget this and move on

    • Think she realized this or she had a new interest in someone else?

    • I mean I get the reasons for the breakup.. I just would be killed inside if she left me for someone else.

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