Help me get my ex back, girls. Please :)

me and my ex split bout two years ago and we have been talking now for about a year we see each other every know and than I still love her like crazy and she knows this I think because I haven't told her in about a year but she texted me saying that she heard a lot of songs that reminded her of me on the radio one day than we hung out last weekend with her best friend now she has a boyfriend but he is a goofy ugly loser and her doesn't drink or smoke she likes to party drink and smoke pot on the weekends we always partied and I invited her to come over sat with her friend because I don't want to scare her to watch the ufc fights I want to tell her I love her so bad but I'm scared its not a good idea any help from the ladies mainly on how I should go about trying to get her back she is flirty and I get the vibe she still has feelings for me she has told me she loves me but hasn't said she is in love with me please help thanks everyone


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  • talk about all the old times you guys had together and make her laugh, making a girl laugh is the best thing you can do- that's probably how her current boyfriend got her, I've been out with some unfortunate looking people before and its because they all make me laugh and I had a lot of fun with them its actually one of the most attractive thing to girls. also smoking a bit of mary jane is good as long as your buying. but actually the one thing girls look for in a guy is the ones that make them laugh the most! hope this helps- only tell her you love her if your sure she's going to say it back though. but good luck dude.

    • Yea I always make her laugh we have so much fun lik she locked me in the bathroom lol I just want her back so bad and I get the vibe she might want me just not sure if I should try harder but thankx alot

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