Your thoughts on my ex?

LDR boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me because, as he said, he can´t handle the distance anymore. A week later I go into a ninja mode and found out he cheated on me with ANOTHER long distance bitch. I know this girl and he was telling me their just friends who play online video games together. Well, turned out to be bullshit. He is with her now posting all lovely dovely statuses and shit. He turned out to be a complete asshole who played me big time! I feel so fuckin stupid that I fell for this idiot. He was an amazing actor tho. Well this the first time something like this happened to me and I find it really hard to cope with it. Let´s be clear - I completely and deeply hate him. I don´t want him anywhere near me and I already deleted him from all social media. I am aware I deserve better, but that doesn't remove the fact that I feel ashamed and played. I mean yeah I cound't have known, but still... He is constantly on my mind. I am not sad I am just so angry and I wish him all the worst. I feel sorry for him. Every time he pops on my mind I shake a bit, discusted. And to be honest, this thoughts and feelings are not going away and I am tired of it. I am doing everything I can to be busy but it doesn't help. And I can't find another guy that easily cuz I'm picky and I don't want just a rebound. It's really hard for me to fall in love. I want you to discribe him and fill me with more hate lol. So, your thoughts on him?


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  • Yes he's a real jerk but if you didn't have feelings for him still you wouldn't be angry you'd never think of him


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  • You are in a place where at least 90% of the population will be at some point in their lives. Feeling bitter and resentment after a break up is part of the process. But like so many before you, you will eventually get over it and move on. Time will heal all wounds sooner or later.
    Just learn from your mistakes. Long distance relationships are not for anyone! You have to be committed and strong. If you want to lower the chance of wandering off in a relationship don't do long distance!
    You will fall in love again and it will be even better than this one. I know you don't wanna hear this but you will get over it in time.
    Good luck


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  • He's definitely an asshole. Its ok to be constantly thinking about someone, especially after a 3 year relationship. You have to give your self time to heal, its not going to be easy, but not impossible either. The easiest way to forget about him is to stop being mad. Simply let yourself be happy and care-free for a while. This way you will meet someone special and not have to deal with the regret of a simple rebound. Let loose and live a little, it can only do you good! I wish you the best!


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