Based on our Facebook convo do you think he has hidden agendas or being sincere?

We broke up in February this year because he cheated. We have talked since then and we were supposed to get back together but I couldn't do it. The last time we spoke was May 31st and then he messages me on Facebook today. He is 23 and I'm 30 years old
HIM:Hi how are doing

ME:What do you want?

HIM :To talk to you


HIM:Did you really care about me do you forgive me cause I apologize for everything

I did to you hurting u making you cry stressing you out & everything I should've been there for you more realized I had a good woman who was for me I feel so dumb

Say something



HIM:What's so funny about that

ME;Keyon just stop


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  • Maybe he really regret what he did because he wouldn't message you if he doesn't care anymore but being that said, cheaters are not easily forgiven and forgotten.


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  • No idea
    that English he's got though...
    Perhaps he's being sincere, and you shouldn't laugh it off... At least accept his apology... and then move on

  • Stop being a bitch it takes a lot for a man to open up like that and you laugh at him. Shame on you. Weather he cheated ok n you or not you were in love at one point and there should be a mutual respect. Tell him there no chance u will get back together but shit that is cold.


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