Is it true that a male dumper moves on really fast?

Just wanted to know his cause I am having a lot of trouble in moving on.


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  • Thought making such a general statement would be wrong, I think a lot of the time guys do seem to 'move on' or mourn the break-up a lot less for a few reasons.

    For one, societal norms. A guy is seen crying, regardless of the reason, and now he's a coward. A pansy. Nobody wants to bring that upon themselves, so I think guys learn to internalize their feelings from a very young age
    Also, if a guy is the one initiating the break-up, he's already had one foot out the door for a while. Guys tend to think over their decisions a lot in such areas, rarely as impulsive as some women can be. So while you may feel blindsided by the break-up, he's been 'moving on' for a while now, unbeknownst to you.


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  • Most likely he will move on fast. Men normally need a reason or reasons to dump a woman.
    When a woman dumps a man, she rarely has or needs a reason and it catches the man by surprise. That can take more getting over for him..

    • Ultimately a person dumps another because of a lack of attraction/feelings/interest, no matter what gender.

      The reason why a man is left surprised when a woman dumps him is because he's totally oblivious to the "obvious" signs. A woman will literally drag a relationship right to the end until she has no feelings whatsoever before she dumps him.

  • Why do you care? Part of the reason you're having trouble moving on is because you're concerned with stuff like this. Don't give a damn about whether or not he's moved on or not. Just concentrate on you.

  • It always depends on the individual.


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