I have made the right decision but I am not able to stop myself from falling and thinking about him what should I do?

i met a guy 4years ago. we both were in a terribly miserable situation. he had broken up wtg his girlfriend and me i was having personal problems. we met and got along like none of us ever did before. we tried every stupid and creazy thngs together whether it was boating or sky diving. he took me to his house and introduced me to his family and friends. but i dont know when he got back with his ex. he did tell me about it but bot in detail i didn't wanted to know either. as time passed i started falling for him and couldnot see him with anyother girl. i tried to leave him but everytime i did he came back nd stopped me. i finally manage to take my self out his life without telling him what i felt. its been 4 years nd still i am single and waiting for him even though i know that its impossible. i can't go a single secnd wthout thinking about him. everynight i cry to myself and think why wld god bring us together when we had to be apart? i cnt help it itd driving me creazy. i try to keep myself busy with work and friends still i can't take him out of my mind even for a secnd..


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  • I feel really bad for u... Ur love is as strong as u believe in it.. U can bury these feelings like others do but i don't personally think u want to.. . U dont want to give up on hope... U want to hold on to what ever feelong u r left with and i respect that very much... Its ur life... Its ur choice... Chose well... If i want to get away... Tell him all of it and say u can do this anymore and u want to life and all free... Chose well


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