She said that she loves me.

i was talking to my ex last night because she was wondering about what was going to happen to me if I was going to be expelled from school. I told her most likely go to school where I lived which is an hour away from where we both go to school now and she said that she was speechless and right before we both got off she typed in I love you with a heart backwards so that I wasn't able to respond fast enough when she sent it. the only thing that I'm not sure about is that I know she is a relationship with another guy and before when we dated she said that she loved me and now she is saying that she still does what should I tell her?


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  • tell her to figure herself out. she can't have you and have a boyfriend at the same time. its common for people to still have some feelings for their ex's after breakups but she needs to decide what she wants. if you want to be back with her then tell her how you feel but be careful, because this girl seems indecisive and she may do the same thing to you if you start dating again.


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  • Well I suggest meetin up with her now and then for some dates cause obviously she likes you.

    • Well I would ask her but I don't wanna start anything with her boyfriend and go through a big fight or something like that with him

    • Oh. Yeah well if you can beat him up I wouldn't worry. But maybe you should wait a little anyways, but still talk to her.

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