Younger boyfriend cheated on me and wants me back?

I'm 30 he's 23 Haven't seen him in four months since we broke up and haven't talked to him in awhile and then he messages me on Facebook what does he want from me?

HIM:Hi how are doing

ME:What do you want?

HIM:To talk to you


HIM:Did you really care about me do you forgive me cause I apologize for everything

I did to you hurting u making you cry stressing you out & everything I should've been there for you more realized I had a good woman who was for me I feel so dumb

Say something



HIM:What's so funny about that

ME:Keyon just stop Yes I did care about you in fact I was in love with you but what difference does that make now? And I guess I somewhat forgive you but not quite. I'll never forget the things you've done to me.

HIM:I was in love with you & still am I just can't stop thinking about

ME:I suppose

HIM:I'm so serious I really wanna see you

Do you still love me or care


HIM:So why can't we work it out please

ME:Don't you think getting back together is a bad idea HIM:No I don't believe so y

ME:Because I doubt you've changed within a few months

HIM:Yes I have

ME:No offense but are you saying this because you have no where to go or because you aren't comfortable where you're currently at HIM:No I'm not tbh

ME:I'm confused because you suggested a few times that we should move on and I assumed you were involved with someone why get back with me?

HIM:I'm single I want you though so

ME:Ok why do you "love" me


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  • Cheating is the absolute worst violation of a relationship. It shows that he does not care for you, has zero respect for you and it shows that he is not to be trusted. It does not matter how old he is and his reasons for wanting you back do not matter. You should do the smart thing and cut him off.


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  • He did/does like you, and he's also not taking responsibility for his actions. Cheating is cheating. Period. His self-interest and immaturity is showing as well based on his lack of realizing that even if you still care for him, too much has happened and you do not trust him so you're not willing to get back together with him.

    Think of the child who hits the dog and then does not understand why the dog doesn't want to play/be around him anymore.

    I would not engage with him again. He is just fishing, and it looks like he's trouble. Look for a gentlemen who doesn't cheat and perhaps giving rather than self-involved. You'll be respecting yourself and helping your ex learn the lesson that cheating gets you nowhere.


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  • 1) His name is Keyon? I would have laughed at that name.

    2) This is how the conversation would have happened if I were you.

    HIM: What's so funny about that?

    ME: You. Bye.

    End of discussion. No more texts. Blocked from my phone. A sleaze doesn't get a second chance.

  • There is no working out when someone cheats. He's right now talking to you because he already admitted to being single and probably has no luck in the dating world, more than likely the other woman he was dating dump him and he has no where else to go. Don't be the back burner.

  • I don't know why guys date old womenz and cheat on them. old ladies want consistency and loyalty and they usually aren't ready to give that lol

  • Stick with your gut. It's just a bait and switch because he can't get anyone else at the moment.


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