Ran into ex I don't know how to base reaction?

Was like 5 months ago. She approached looked surprised to see me. Was super casual not awkward at all. Told her I do still miss her think about her here and there. She said she trust me I do too. Little small talk I said I gatta get going she took off. I'll most likely see her again. Was really surprised it wasn't awkward.. that mean we just both moved on? I'm not looking to get back together we have too many issues right now but she is a cool person I do like her.


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  • if u said u still think bout her, then i guess u haven't totally moved on maybe...

    • I mean it was a 3 year relati9nship of course I still think about her. Was just being honest don't think it makes it out to be like that at all.

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    • It was casual... So how did you get into a conversation about still missing and thinking about one another? That's not really a casual conversation, and when you see a person for the first time in 5 months and that is what the conversation involves... I don't know, seems like very not casual, we're over each other, it's cool, kind of interactions...

    • Little silence I told her just super casual I do miss you think about you here and there.

  • Sounds like you have both moved on probably best to accept that


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