Had dinner with ex, shall I ask her out again?

A week ago we broke up because I caught her on two dating sites whilst using her laptop. Since then I have told her I have forgiven her for it and that we could try again if she wants. She doesn't want to though...

So I had dinner with her at her place yesterday where she seemed really happy to see me. But she tried to keep her distance 'physically'. Even though we held hands.

It is clear she cares for me, because she checked my temperature because she thought I had a cold (which I do now). Also she gave me the leftover food to take home with me. She asked me why I left so abruptly. And it was because I thought it was best to go sleep since I am sick. And I knew she didn't want me sleeping there.

This morning I texted her that I lenjoyed yesterday, she acknowledged that too. Furthermore she seems friendly in her texts, sends smiles. But didn't start a convo today and only replied (not immediately).
I also found out that she transferred me some money a week ago with a message ending with "love xXx" which clearly shows she cared for me back then right after the breakup -after rejecting my 2nd chance- too.

I have a feeling she doesn't want to try again though because of her physical distance yesterday. So I haven't texted her goodnight yet and might actually stop texting her all together.

Do you think I should stop texting her and just give up? Or should I ask her to hang out again?

She just texted me: "Question: do you still have my grey sweater?"

I don't think I do. But should I anser at all?


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  • WOW!! She is given mix signs. But I think she just likes you as a friend still. She might have feeling for you still. But it doesn't seem like she wants to be with you again if so one thing would have lead to another. Even if you was sick she could have told you to stay and cuddle with her. Just move on and ignore her if she cares she will text you. Trust me or will call to see what's going on with you. Then if she does text you wait a few days to answer her and ask her is there something you want to tell me? And then from there on see what happens.. Best of Luck!!


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