Just had a massive argument with ex?

Just had a massive argument with ex over the kids. He wanted Tuesday and Thursday for afew hours. So I said ok but we will have to have every other weekend no day decided. So text before saying oh don't forget its your weekend Saturday pick them up at 4.
his reply fuck you I said Friday
so you can imagine the argument we had.
What I want to know if im being unreasonable as he picked his days in the week.


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  • I think you are being a little unbending

    • But days where never agreed. He works some Saturdays so what's he going to do then change the days or leave them with his mum. No thank you. he's the one ment to be having his kids not his mum.

    • He only wants them Friday so he can have his weekend to him self enjoys the pub too much

    • You asked what I thought

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