Why would someone who DUMPED you treat you like you did them wrong when the initiated the breakup?

I've been through the on and off with my ex for quite some time and I typically would cave in after a few weeks and take him back. (I mainly did this because we have a child together and I desperately wanted to keep our family together) The thing is that my ex moved out in May of last yr and then started talking to me again in August. Things were going okay and then he wanted me to move back in with him and I said no. He was saying how he was going to have a house by then and talking up everything. I said, if you have all of this in 6 months then I'll move back in, but Im gonna sign me lease.

Well after me not chasing etc, he treats me like I have done him wrong. When we exchange our son he looks angry and is very cold towards me. He treats me like I hurt him when he broke up with me. Why do dumpers do this?


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  • My ex did this and I have no idea why. I guess they're just under a huge conflict amongst themselves and the only person they can take out their feelings on is you. My ex was very cruel, despite him leaving me on what was meant to be on good terms. Maybe they're just mentally fucked. Who knows.


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