Should I break up with him? He talks about/to his ex a lot!

Here is the boyfriend of almost 7 months is still talking to two of his ex-girlfriends. One I understand completely...they dated for 3 years in high school then parted ways around the time of graduation and now after 4 years they're friends...he only talks to her very occasionally.

The other, a girl he dated for about a year he met online and is on the opposite side of the world...Hong Kong. They only actually saw each other in person twice...once she came here to see him, and once he went to visit her. Now it's been 2 or so years since they've dated they still talk...he's still interested in her, he told me this when we first started dating and about every week he brings her use to be all the time. He even has post cards on his night stand from her still lying around. I don't think she's still interested in him. I think she saw him as more of a play thing because she's a few years older than him, is a lot wealthier than him, and lives on the opposite side of the world.

I still feel like I'm competing against her as she's a fashion designer and rich, though I wouldn't say she's prettier, though we are complete opposites. She's Chinese while I'm Irish looking...I got the long red hair blues eyes thing going for me. But I feel I have much more in common with him I'm in the military...same as him, and do the same job as him. We make about the same income and we share a lot of things in common. Him and the Chinese girl don't...they have quite a few differences.

So my question is now you know all that (and thank you SO SO SO much for reading this) is what should I do? I've talked to him before about talking about her and talking to her, but he still does. So should I break up with him or not?
Should I break up with him? He talks about/to his ex a lot!
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