What do you do after you break up with someone?

I broke up with this guy over the weekend that I was seeing because he wouldn't commit and because he's very immature and doesn't treat me the way I deserve to be treated (refer to my other questions if you're curious).

Do I necessarily have to stop talking to them? Just because I don't want to be romantic with them, does it mean that I have to cut them off completely? I'm not happy being without him but its the right thing to do and I still very much want him in my life, just without that expectation and romantic pressure and demand.


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  • whatever you plan to do in the future with your relationship with that guy is not of my concern. Many people say you "obviously" should break all ties with them.. but i think it depends. IF I break up with someone on a mutual agreement (no fight/ rage involved) then i think it is okay to still stay in contact... Although i can give the advice to lessen the contact significantly at first and after you have gotten "over it" in some form or another contact could be initiated again.

    • Should I wait for him to make contact? Or should I initiate? Here's the thing - the day after I broke up with him, he sent me a message asking whats up so I assume he's not very hurt about this

    • there is no "who should initiate first" thing in my opinion... when you feel like intiating you do, if you don't fell like it.. you don't. His level of "how much hurt" also depends on the length of the relationship, how much was he engaged into the relationship, how much was he affected to you, how mature he is, how rational he thinks, etc...

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