Has anyone heard of Methuselah ?

Has anyone heard of him? He's mentioned in the Bible and reportedly lived until he was 969. That's overwhelming to think about, how can someone live that long? is it humanly possible? In no way am I disagreeing with the Bible, I'm just thinking that's pretty amazing if someone could live that long, I wonder what they would look like at 900 years old. I know that a lady lived to age 122, but 969 is almost 1000 years. what do you think about it?


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  • No, its not humanly possible, if it were we would be able to do it now, its even less likely in 'jesus' time because there was no medicine or healthcare. Anyway Methuselah isn't the oldest person in the bible, one of the prophets, elijah I believe is recorded in the bible as still alive, again if that was so we'd probably have noticed it by now...

  • it's not true


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