I broke up with him for not caring enough but I still want him to chase me again?

Our relationship lasted 3 months and it was amazing at first " first month " then he got distant.. and didn't show much care about me , i stood by his side all the time through good and bad , but he just won't care enough to ask about how am doing , he knows nothing about me unless i told him

I waited 2 months for him to change and he knows how his carelessness bothered me but he just won't change

So i broke up with him last week

Nd asked him to not contact me again

But someone in his family died so i asked about how things are going and how is he doing basically..

And thats it

Obviously i still care.. did i do the right thing by breaking up?

What should i do to make him chase after me again?


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  • It was a 3 month relationship for you, just 1 month for him, and you dumped him. Hardly enough time to "stand by his side through good and bad" add though it was a long term relationship. He lost interest in you after a month and you asked him never to contact you again. He's got nothing invested in you and won't chase you.


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  • Just be open about it. Dont play games

    • I did open up about it

      He knows wut he's putting me through

      But thats it for him he just won't care for me which kills me.. i can't live like this ! I still care about him though.. i wish someday he realizes my true value and care about me back

      id settle for half of the amount i care for him

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  • Stop playing with the guy! We have feelings also.. You should have told him what you feel and what you require of a guy.

    • I did but he ddnt act like he actually cared
      I waited so much time

    • And i wasn't playing !

      I cared for him so much he ddnt care back

  • If you dumped him, if he has any self respect he won't chase after you.
    You need to reach out to him and stop playing games

    • he's egocentric.. I don't know wut to do now
      How long should i wait before making any move / initiaing contact again

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    • I dunno wut to say ?

    • Be honest, apologize..
      That works wonders

  • there's nothing you can do unless you show him the right amount of love.

  • That's great.

  • Well, someone's desp.


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