Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, or Sam Smith songs to listen to after a break up?

I just got out of a relationship and want to know if y'all can recommend any break up/sad songs by the artist I listed.


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  • hmm..
    I don't know too many, sadly. Would you be interested in an artist slightly similar to Sam Smith?

    • Yes that would be fine

    • well, the breakup songs I like are mostly Adam Lambert, from his new album. They're pretty good and a lot of them are not all about breakups specifically but... I'd suggest 'There I Said It', My Heart Is A Ghost Town, and Shame, but tbh the whole album is pretty good.

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  • I love Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith! Sam Smith's songs are more break-up-y and Ed's are more about falling in love! So sorry to hear about your break up. Get well soon! Best wishes.


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  • Depends. Do you want to heal, or enjoy the pain? Yeah, I know both feelings. You want sad, can't go wrong with some Bruno Mars. It Will Rain gets to me every time.


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