Ladies - Need a perspective on the actions of my ex online?

My Ex went into a relationship with another guy. He is likeable, but more of someone you would associate with a friend zone. He's from a different country and in part came to see her in NY over the last few months.
I was fb stalking her (i'm not over her clearly) and she removed 'in a relationship' on facebook and changed it to 'no information shown'. He deleted her from facebook and they both took themselves of there cover photos, but they were friends again on fb he was readded and it was all changed back within 24 hours. I strongly believe she changed it, as he's really into her and wouldn't do that (just to avoid ambiguity)
This is after 3/4 months, and I think that clearly he's into her more than she's into him. My question is, as I'm not familiar with these things, what does this mean? Is this at all significant to the concept of a rebound?
I thought that maybe this was the begining of the end because 3/4 months seems to also apparently be when the rebound period ends?

My other questions are:
- Would she try her hardest to make it work if she knew I was watching? I deleted her from facebook because I was trying to move on, and I'm not sure if she knows I still care. Would she be making more of an effort to make it work?

- She uploads regular pretty photos of herself onto facebook since I deleted her. The first one came a few days after I deleted her and she rarely ever changes her photo compared to the amount of times she does now. I thought this was interesting because if she is content with her boyfriend, why would she be uploading so many photos of herself? Can you also please explain this thought process girls..

I really appreciate the help, as I can post on this forum and not feel judged.
- Mike
The reason why I think he is a rebound is because after I started going out with another girl supposedly they went out soon after. Also he's not good looking, whereas I was. We use to tell each other how much we loved each other but stopped talking and left things unresolved


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  • I did not read this because it was so long but just forget about your ex. she's your ex for a reason


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  • i believe if she cared bout u she'd try send u another request, so i don't believe she wants u back.
    and maybe this other guy might b openminded and don't mind bout he r postin "hot" pics of herself.
    i dunno though y they unfriend each other... maybe one of em did it by mistake, so da other own unfriend him/her back then he/she told him/her it was just a mistake, and now they r friends again?


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