How do I get her back?

Me and my girlfriend broke up about a week ago and I can never stop thing about. I'm so sad, she completed me. I am getting so angry atyself for what I did wrong, I F*****g hate myself. I lost the girl of my dreams, I can't stop thing about her, I'm so mad at myself, she was the best😪 I'm miserableeveryday plz! How do I get her back, What's the most romantic, best way of doing it, I can't live without her😪


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  • Tell her everything you love about her and take her on a romantic date. Not the movies


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  • I know so much how you feel. There's good news and bad news. The good news is that you may stand a chance at it. I said a chance, not a guarantee. Give it some time. It'll suck so hard you'll want to die, but it's what's needed. If you rush this, it won't end well. When you can talk to her again, start from ground 0. I mean literally. You have to pretend that nothing ever happened, because what did, ended. Try to change what you think went wrong, and don't make the same mistakes. If she gives you another chance, you won't get a third. Good luck, man. My hopes are with you.

    • Thanks man, that honestly means a lot ✊

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  • Go to her place, straight up tell her you screwed up and lost all you had


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