How to show my ex there's still a "spark" between us??

OK long story short, my ex girlfriend and I have been broken up for about 6 weeks. A couple weeks ago we started talking again and even hanging out a few times but just as friends for the most part.. I've been playing it cool but I want to get back together with her. Earlier today we talked for about an hour about trying to work things out and she said she just doesn't know if there's a spark between us anymore.. But I'm thinking she wanting to test it to find out because she invited me to come over in a few days and hang out but this time she didn't put the "just as friends" tag on it like she usually does.. so my question is how can I show her the spark still exists between us? if there is any way? would be really helpful to get a girls opinion but all advice is welcome


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  • If you try to "prove" it still exists - you will crush any potential spark. If you let things happen, you will notice that what you want may come true. You could still apply effort without trying to prove it exists; examples:

    - Do things to increase that spark (flirting, communicating, etc)

    - Do romantic things to show the potential for a relationship (back massages, otherwise)


    Best regards,


  • You broke up six weeks ago and a couple weeks ago you started talking? Dude, take some time off. You just broke up. Hang out with guy friends. Meet new girls. She doesn't think the spark is there. Even if you get back together, you'll be afraid she's going to lose the spark. That's no way to live your life. Find a new chick, but since you're young, date a ton of wrong chicks first. It's the only way to go.

    This is really good advice, and I expect you to ignore all of it.


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