I keep having weird dreams/ random gut feelings about my ex?

So my ex left me the beginning /middle of may, it was out of nowhere really.
During our relationship I kept having these dreams, that there was someone else or that he was cheating / NO longer cared.. I would tell him & he'd just hug me and and say "i love you, those are just dream's. You have no need to worry". Then I'd have them again
This was his response, and he'd say the same thing (but put differently) I attempted to forget about them, but it was hard.
With my ex before him, I had the same dreams. Found out he was cheating.
So I was worried that my dream's were actually giving me warning signs.

This is the text I received a day before he left. I keep having weird dreams/ random gut feelings about my ex?

Sadly my dreams were true, he left me for his ex & I then received these text's

I keep having weird dreams/ random gut feelings about my ex?

After all this mayhem, I slowly have been moving on; dating/meeting new people.. Just enjoying life ya know? Lately I have been having these other dreams/feelings. MMost recent was ; I was in my bedroom cleaning when I saw my phone growling /going off. It was my ex, he was saying something but I couldn't hear a word he was saying. I then got a knock on my wall, and it opened up (I don't even know lol) it was him. He looked happy & he reached out to wards me.. Then I woke up. AAlso everyone keeps saying "he'll be back" "give it time you'll hear from him" i don't think he will (because I think he is happy with his old flame) .. Then I started getting these feelings that he's thinking about me, the day I had that feeling.. I saw that he Unblocked me on Facebook... I was doing fine until all of this happened, now I sit here in a stare thinking about it all the time lol.. I just shook my head and told myself it was all wishful thinking and dreaming... I mean is it?


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  • I was in your position once. It's only harder to cling to it. It doesn't help he's sending mixed signals. In my case, the message was perfectly clear.

    • It seems like the more I try to ignore everything, the more it fuses with my thoughts.

      Just Hoping I can go back to how I was.. Which is not even thinking about him.. Meh..

      Thanks for the feedback (:

    • I know how it feels, and it's the sucks. Try to distract yourself somehow. Do a hobby, sing a song, watch a show you like. It'll fade in time. And unfortunately, time is what it takes. Good luck! :)

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