Did this girl leave me for another guy? Did she lose interest?

ounger girl crazy about me. Thinks I'm the best thing that walked this planet. Her parents hated me her friends hated me all said im using her and she's too stupid to see it. She fights and fights for me. Hurt her a couple times. I asked her to move out with me when I graduate the police academy. She was excited and ready. Could only see each other twice a month j was averaging 3 hours of sleep. She could never really communicate or tell me what's on her mind. Last two months her mom told her I'll never speak to you again and drop your free college ride if u do this. She meant it. She was going to moving to a new city with me and she said if we didn't work out I'd have nothing to go back on. Said we both deserve something more than this. We could only see sneak around like twice a month. She didn't feel aprecciated and she said she felt used. She got indifferent and started pushing me away that last month. Broke up then called back next day crying asking for me back. Led to more fights and she finally just left and cut contact saying too much damage is done. Saying I don't care about her she can't believe that. Said I was moody and say mean things when I'm mad. I got insecure because she pushed me away and stress started eating at me. No contact for 4 months. Saw her the other day she looked like she put on a little weight lol she looked so happy to see me but I had to cut the conversation although I told her I do miss her. She said oh trust me I do too. I don't know what do make of it. Looking back It was just a lot of sex and talking about me. She brought this up a couple times even before things went downhill. I treated her more like a bro rather than an intimate girlfriend. Never really complimented her or showed her much affection.

This all being said towards the end I felt like I was initiating too much.. she never reciprocated in a way I felt was genuine.
I also asked her when she broke up if there was someone else in mind.. she said fuck you.. a month later when I was dropping stuff off she seemed all emotional.. somewhere in the conversation I asked her if she's looking for love again. She said she can't even look at another guy.


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What Girls Said 1

  • yeah she did.

    • What makes u say that just everything? You couldn't say she didn't believe I loved her couldn't throw away her whole life that wasn't a forsure thing? Do u think she left me for another guy or just lost interest.

What Guys Said 1

  • Your having problems moving on and keeping your head clear...
    Mate, hope everything gets better for your life, but probably give this chapter a close.
    I think her interest has been lowered definitely, impossible to say if it's too much though

    • Could you elaborate on why u think that I'm really trying to think this through

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    • Yes it's me. It's just driving me crazy.

    • Mate, that's why I say let it be, you'll just completely do your head in

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