Texting and keeping in contact after breaking up --- what does it mean?

My live-in boyfriend of 7 months were haviing weekly problems in our relationship and seemd like we were breaking up every five minutes. Then 3 weeks ago we had a major fight and he has since moved out. We have caught up a couple of times wiith the result being that we want to put the past behind us and that trust takes time to build. We have also agreed that we will catch up and enjoy time together weekly. He texts me everyday (just chit chat) but beyond this we have not make any plans or spoken on the phone. Although there is part of me that wants to ignore him there is still part of me that believes we might have another chance together. A bit confused... comments welcome
Thank you for your advice. Both of our feelings are mixed but he has said he wants to carry on seeing and do fun things together with no promises. In order that things be able to change it is important that I work toward positive changes in myself.


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  • You have a choice. You can start from ground zero again, or you can end it. Which one you choose depends on your intentions and his feelings. It doesn't sound like things were going well, though. Do you think that another try would fix it? What's changed? If nothing changed, you'll get the same result. Every time. I'd probably give it some time, let things cool down a bit. See what happens.

  • It seems that what he wants is to keep having fun with you while he enjoys his freedom to see other women. Both of you need time and space, if he wants another chance make him work for it.


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