Did my ex mean the hurtful things that he said?

My ex and I got in a huge fight. For the past month we have been arguing daily over the same topic and for the past few weeks he keeps telling me to drop it but I refuse. He wants to take a break for the summer and I felt like that was very selfish and I wasn't going to wait for him. Whenever I say that it's selfish he gets mad that I can't wait a few months for our break but he is supposed to wait years before we have sex. So we were on the phone arguing about this and he kept trying to get off the phone but I wouldn't let him. He ended up saying some really hurtful things like he wish he had never dated me, there's something wrong with me, he would have never married me, and that he's been stringing me along for our whole relationship just trying to get in my pants, and that he never felt like I was "the one", and that he didn't want to get back together in the fall anymore he was just saying that to string me along. Some background on us is I started talking to him a year ago and he said he didn't want a relationship and I did so we stopped talking. He came back months later and said that he still didn't want a relationship but when I threatened to leave again this time he committed. He texted me today apologizing and saying that he didn't mean any of that stuff I just wouldn't let him off the phone but do you think what he said was true deep down?


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  • Hard to say. Actions speak louder than words, though. Sounds like he wants to play the field and only committed because he didn't want to face you. We say a lot of mean things to each other, especially in an argument. But it does seem like he isn't ready for a serious relationship yet.

    • Does it make a difference if I asked him these questions? Like I asked him if he saw himself being with me forever and he said no opposed to him just coming out and saying all of that stuff?

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    • Sorry, had lunch break with my mom. Yeah, there's a story behind that - I'll tell you if you want to know. I'm glad you're not mad at me for being blunt. I honestly do worry about that stuff, whether we know each other or not. I attach easily, which is another of my flaws. Thanks for telling me the entire story, though. Now it makes more sense.

      So are you going to go to college, then?

    • It's fine I understand and yea I'll message you

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  • he is your ex after all...

    • he's my ex as of yesterday but when we broke up yesterday do you think he meant the things that he said?

    • you can't say all that and not mean even just a little bit of it. part of what he said is true and genuine, while the others are just pure anger and frustration

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