If an ex can't make up their mind is it best to walk away?

He/she ended the relationship but still call you to talk as friends but sometimes they act like they want you and even say they still love and care about you and even said they want to be with you. Then the next time they contact you they act like a friend again.


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  • It's programmed behavior, like "autopilot". Even when relationships end, you were a couple so long, sometimes you accidentally slip back into "couple" mode. It could happen to one or both. The feelings will fade over time, though. If you honestly want to restart the relationship, you'd probably have to start all over again from scratch. What existed before no longer exists. Building on that is like building a house on sand. It'll collapse sooner or later.


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  • I see the sure signs of 'He/she' Not Ready nor Raring to be in a Real Relationship here, dear, and with the writing on the wall and all, they may say all of the sweet things one day and have a change of heart the next because: They still want you in their life with no strife, they want to come and go as they like and not have to answer to you on a daily basis and It's... Easier for them to be a friend till the end because with the Big "C" which is Commitment, this means being hooked at the hip and they are Not into being two birds of a feather, even though they like to use Squawking instead of Talking for being in a cozy nest once more.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Walking away is best. Sometimes they call because they are not used to the new routine of not having a partner.


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