Trying to come back?

If an ex you were with for 4 years, and stopped talking exactly 1 year ago due to HIM cheating, sends his condolences to you because of a loss, could it be a way for him taking a "step" back in the door? He never really moved on after because no relationship worked out.


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  • If he cheated on you once, there's a nearly certain chance it will happen again. Since your relationship worked for so long, I'd bet that is exactly what he's trying to do - get back with you. Up to you how you'll handle it, though. Personally, I don't like cheaters and never understood why people would do that.


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  • Yes, here, dear, and his Timing would be somehow coincidentally perfect. This would give him a chance for a little romance and To... Get his One foot back in the door.
    However, with no two feet In, doesn't necessarily mean More in Store. It could mean, that with what he lost when you both broke up, that he just wants a little of it back but not to be hooked altogether at the hip.
    If anything, so you are not Lost here, go slow with his flow and don't wear your heart, which is broken at this sad time, on your sleeve so you don't have to feel a 'Loss' right now... For the Third time.
    Good luck and my own condolences. xx


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  • Maybe. He might feel bad for what he did and is trying simply to show you respect or your instincts could be bang on.


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