Should I tell him my feelings or let him leave?

my ex and i broke up a couple of months ago and since then we have had sex a couple of times he used to not spend the night but recently he stays the night calls me baby and texts me a lot more often then before i still love my ex with all my heart he was my everything and i can't help but to feel like i need to tell him how i feel he's moving to austin soon and he says he wants me to stay in his life some kinda way he says austin isn't so far and that he is happy to finally be doing something he wants which is the reason why we broke up so he could fix his life up and i know that he has wanted to move out there since forever so i pretend to be happy for him and it kills me slowly to think he's leaving soon because im not stupid i know that we may talk for awhile but after hell meet a pretty girl and who knows what can happpen now should i tell him about how i feel or let him go having him think i dont care and maybe never see him again
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  • Truth is you have feelings for him.
    The thing is, do you believe you guys can go for a "not-so-long distance" relationship? If you can trust him and give him some space to pursue his interests, and not think that he'll meet someone else and still keep you around etc, then you should tell him how you feel. You should really try and work it out with him so that you won't regret letting him go.

    • how do you think i should tell him i dont want to scare him by just telling him a long list on how i feel so do you have any suggestions?

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    • thank you that helped

    • You're welcome, and good luck!

  • I would tell him what you want


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