Guys, Do guys really hate the girls after break up?

Me and my boyfriend was dating for more than 2 years and we were loving each others so much. we can't stay without each others and did lots of memories. but we were fighting too much but we always got back together. and we introduced with the both families and they all know about us. but the things is we are different nationality. but we didn't care. I treated him like my king and I loved him so much. I care about him so much. I know he also cared about me and loved me but not too strong like me. he was my first relationship and I was his first serious girlfriend. and his parents like me so much and always wonder me to come and visit their country. but I know that there is something wrong with my relationship that if he with me I can see him that not really happy. however I asked him he just said that he is tired. and 2 months ago he broke up with me and he just said that he doesn't want to be in relationship and want to be alone. coz he needs to focus on himself and he want me to focus for myself. but I didn't take it serious that though he will come back to me. when I phoned him he tried to ignore my phone and sometimes he swift it off. and he said I mustn't talk to him and I must stay away from him coz if he sees me his heart feels sore and can't try to get over. then we stop talking but I still care. he doesn't have another one also I can see it. he just wants to be alone. and now I feel that he hate me so much coz when he sees me he stop smiling and he pulls his face and turn to other side that showing like he dislike me. I felt so bad and couldn't find the solutions. I just want to know that the girl loves the guy so much and everyone saying that you will never find a girl like her in your life. she is a very good girl and very difficult to find like her. and he also knows that but y this things happen like that and he going to realize one day or not? I still feel pain little but I am trying to move on my life.


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  • Are you talking about guys in general? well it's tough to say you know, yes some guys do, some don't but I don't think guys will hate a girl but yes after the breakup they may never keep contact with them in any way, that doesn't mean they hate girls after breakup.

    Secondly, I don't think your boyfriend actually hates you, he is just living up to his word that he told you, he wants to focus on other things, maybe understand a few things and that he wants to do it alone, and so he thinks or feels you should respect him for that decision, in my view I don't even think this is a break up, this is just like taking some time out for yourself, that's all. I am sure he misses you, loves you still, every day in his heart, in his mind but won't tell you that because he is keeping the distance.

    Don't worry, I am sure things will be okay.


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  • My girlfriend of two years, after I broke up with I stopped contact, this was for my and her benefit. I have a really old outlook so I may not be a good reference.

    However, I thought any contact would just make the whole process more diffcult, we aren't together and she had expectations to meet up and watch movies which obviously wouldn't end in that way and when meeting new girls it won't go down too well if you're that close to your ex, for good reason. It just helps them come to terms with the fact that they won't be there and once they accept that they can then deal with the hurt that follows.

    In terms of hating her, no I never did, you can't ever forget happy experiences with a person whatever the time of day. I still haven't spoken to her to this day and I still don't hate her, I will always say I was happy for our relationship though, I ended on worse terms, I felt she wasn't treating me well by the second year (flirting with other guys) thus I ended it. I don't think he'll hate you in the circumstances you described.

  • What is your question?

    • my question was do guys hate the girls after they break up with them?

    • It depends on the breakup. Mutual disinterest a man won't hate his ex, but if she cheated on him with everyone, and lied about it, that could cause some hate.
      In your case, seems like he wanted to not be with you. The reason he gave is of no concern.

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