16 days no contact, it was a 4 year relationship and I want him back but don't know how to make a move?

I was in a 4 year relationship with this guy. I'm 22 he's 21. He started working at a place where a lot of trashy girls can be found and well he started the workplace flirting and slowly was drifting away from me. then one day he just breaks up with me and tells me he kissed another girl at a party. It killed me. Now it's been 2 months post break up and we haven't spoken in 16 days. I'm dying and want to talk to him desperately. I know toward the end of our relationship things weren't perfect but I feel like this guy is my soulmate. I've never been with anyone else but him and I have already made plans to change myself in a more positive way but I want him back in my life. I'm sure he's hooking up with other girls but again I want this kid back in my life. All I think about were the good times with him and how easily I can make them happen again if he gives me the chance. OH we also kinda went no contact because I went on family vacation out of state and he told me to see him when I get back; should I break the no contact and tell him I'm back?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Let him be. He is enjoying his time without you plus he broke up with you. Why do the crawling back. Nothing in a relationship is easy so it's just a way of thinking you can get back to where it was, there are no guarantees it's a two way street.


Most Helpful Girl

  • ... I'm sure he is hooking up with other girls...
    From where I am sitting here, dear, he can no longer be trusted. He has showed you that in this place he is making his living, that there are less to be desired Trash around him and has even admitted to swapping spit with one of them and others you are sure of.
    I feel it is going to go down a badly beaten path, be a full circle pattern problem with him and always end up to be a War of the Roses. I think you should just move on, don't keep subjecting your poor heart to heartache.
    You certainly can do better with finding someone who is more deserving. Even if you see one another again, he will never change and just Want.. His cake and eat it Two.
    Good luck. xx


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What Guys Said 3

  • Of course you feel that he is your soul mate because you have only been with one guy. I know it sucks and it hurts like crazy but it's completely normal to feel that way. He drifted away because he wanted to be with other girls. You should also move on

  • Break the no contact and tell him that you're back and want to see him..

  • Move on. He broke up with you. The more you drag it out the worse it's gonna be. It's gonna HURT like a crazy for a LONG time but channel that into something positive in your life. Use this as an opportunity to get to know yourself and better yourself. First love always hurts the worst. You still have your whole life to experience!


What Girls Said 2

  • he clearly showed you he does not respect you by cheating on you. he doesn't love you. we can sometimes as people make others into what we want them to be without seeing who they truly are. very dangerous to do that. open your eyes and see that. if he was your soul mate, he would have NEVER cheated on you. EVER. you shouldn't have to try so hard to make something work. he is going to be even worse to you if you two get back together because he is going to think he can walk all over you and cheat on you ( which he will again and again ) find someone new! i know how hard it is to have you heart broken. been there MANY times. times truly does heal though. good luck!

  • The heart wants wha it wants but dnt put it to hurt

    Sometimes relationships are so stressful and they take so much time out of your day, if you both still , be each toner yu would work it out, but if you both tried and tried and it isn't working , a little break would help, if that helps , maybe it will make up the things you both lost and probably still be able to be together in the future. Jus let it be for now


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